Fraction Bar

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    Fraction Bar

    Key Features

    Cuisenaire Rods
    Math teaching tools
    Educational Toys For Kids
    OH base blocks

    * 1-10cm assorted, 10 colors assorted, 74 pcs per set/bag.
    * Each set included following:
    1cm 22 pcs + 2cm 12 pcs + 3cm 10 pcs + 4cm 6 pcs + 5cm 4 pcs + 6cm 4 pcs + 7cm 4 pcs + 8cm 4 pcs + 9cm 4 pcs + 10cm 4 pcs = 74 pcs in total per set.
    * Age grading: for 3 years and up.
    * Weight and length is in direct proportion.
    *Help children to learn addition, subtraction, counting, sorting, measuring and
    * Bars can also be operated with our double tracks rulers at the same time. (multi-link number track).
    * Can play bars with Base 10 block sets to learn more concepts of math…

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